Open Orders Oct 11th - Nov 11th

RE:BOOT crowdfund campaign releases the Bishop, Chelsea style design for order and is aimed at growing the business in Flint. Successful campaign will allow for the hire of additional personnel and growth of the business toward goals of fostering community, quality workmanship, and creative outlet.

Orders for this campaign will take place Oct. 11th through Nov. 11th. The goals for the Leon-built Buckham and Bishop are 300 orders each. This is ambitious and will require marketing of a new scale within and without Flint, within and without Michigan. If production requirements are not met, orders will be refunded.

Launch Night, Oct 11th

Tim Talks about the new Bishop boot and the vision for Sutorial.


The Bishop

Inspired by Bishop International Airport

Four years ago, Sutorial launched with the Buckham Boot and the idea that you could own a premium quality handcrafted pair of boots from Flint, with our story behind it. Now, after seeing the demand it’s become clear to me there needs to be a way to have the boots not only locally designed, but at a price that's locally affordable. 

I'm launching the Bishop

...a Chelsea boot with a working-class elegance, made from one piece leather.It's very simple, classic, and made to the highest standards. 

In deciding to make the bishop more accessible, I had to find the right production partner which initially led me to several US shoe companies. But, with minimum order quantities in the thousands, I had to find an alternative. 

So, I traveled to Leon, Mexico, the shoemaking capitol of the America’s, a city with a history of shoemaking craftsmanship which goes back generations. Having grown up in Flint, a working-class town, I felt an immediate connection to the people of Leon. And I was completely amazed by the shoe companies. The level of craftsmanship, professionalism, and environmental standards were world class. 

Through this partnership, I will be able to provide both the Bishop and the Buckham boots to everybody who wants them both quickly and affordably. I will be able to grow the business and hire people in Flint with a variety of skills. The operation of the “made in flint” boots will run more smoothly and professionally than ever before.

Starting Now  Sutorial will offer two lines of boots, the Buckham and the Bishop, each with a Flint-made or Leon-made option. 

I'm proud to introduce the bishop boot. I’m excited about the design. I'm excited about the chance to partner with my brother shoemaking craftsmen across the border. And I'm excited that more people will have the opportunity to experience a pair of Sutorial Boots.

-Tim Goodrich