Shoe Making Classes

There will be 4 kinds of shoes to choose from:

  • Derby Boot
  • Oxford Dress Shoe
  • Derby Dress Shoe
  • Basic Women's Pump

The lessons will cover everything from design, pattern making, upper sewing (closing), all the way to finished shoes and will continue for roughly 10 weeks. Though some parts are difficult the process is really fun, and at the end you will have a pair of shoes that you made with your own hands!

The cost depends on the number of students per class: 

Individual instruction is $30/hr ($90 per session) 

2 students $25/hr ($75 per session)

3 - 4 students $20/hr ($60 per session)

It will cost roughly $600-$900 total for classes

The only other cost would be for the shoe lasts ($100) and any leather used (around $100)


Contact us by email or phone and let us know what time works for you (Monday night or Sunday afternoon), what size class you would like to be apart of (1-4), and what kind of shoes you would like to make. Depending on the number of students who sign up, we will seek to accommodate all of your preferences. Also, please email us back with your phone number so we can schedule a time for you to stop in the shop and get measured up for shoe lasts.